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The RC Mod v5 Development Roadmap

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Hi all,

With the development of version 5 well under way, this will give a bit of an idea of what is planned. The releases will be a bit different from previous releases given that the amount of work required is quite large. The releases will be staged in form of development builds with each stage having a set of milestones.

Planned Dev Builds:

  • #1 - [Completed] This will be a port from Minecraft 1.14.4 to 1.15.2. The mod will be similar to version 4 with the additional re-write of the mod's rendering (to work with Blaze3d) and 3d model optimization for this new rendering code.
  • #2 - [Completed] This will introduce a new GUI for controller axes and buttons assignments in-game. This will tie in with the controllerConfig.ini introduced in version 4.
  • #3 - [In-progress] This release will be the most significant of the other. It will introduce a new racing system with new RC vehicles.
  • #4 - [Planned] This release will move the official release to version 5. Bug fixes will be the main changes.
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